Christmas Time In Amish Country

Written by Sarah J. Grezlik

What a wonderful place to go shopping for Christmas presents. In Amish Country you will find wonderful Handcrafted furniture, quilts, homemade jams and jellies, wonderful Christmas Baked goods and a whole slew of high quality kitchen products and utensils.

When I go to Amish Country I like to get off onto the back roads and go exploring in all of the many fine shops that are tucked away in several of the Amish homes that dot the hillsides. You will find many variety stores, fabric shops, shoe stores, harness shops, furniture stores, antique shops, bakeries, bulk food stores, bent and dent stores, small engine shops and so many more! For a more accurate lists of places to visit check out the Amish Shop Listings under the Store Listings header on this website

A few years ago, I did my entire Christmas shopping at a wonderful country store just west of New Bedford, Ohio. The name of the store is Hershberger’s Country Store. They have everything under the sun! I bought high quality stainless steel kitchen ware for the ladies in my family and for the men I found some of the greatest tool accessories that were perfect gifts for those hard to buy for guys. For all of my many nieces, nephews and Godchildren I found some great old-fashioned toys and wonderful coloring books that were designed and created by an old Amish man who was from the Fredericksburg area.

My favorite place to shop for shoes and boots is Charm Harness Shoes & Boot in Charm, Ohio. The minute you walk through the door you are greeted by one of the many wonderful Amish employees and they go right to work helping you find just the right shoe at just the right size. If they don’t have what you are looking for, which is not likely, they will order it for you. They carry name brand shoes like: Rocky, Red-Wing, Keen, Five-Fingers, Sketchers, CROCS, UGGS, Harley Davidson, Justin, Ariat, and many more. They also have a full line of clothing for the active on-the-go outdoors person. They carry Under Armour, Carhartt’s, Stormy Kromer and much more.

Now you can’t go to Amish Country and not take home a taste of their fresh-baked goodies. One of the most popular places to visit is Hershberger’s Bakery and Truck Patch on State Route 557, between Charm and Berlin. They have a wide variety of pies, breads, fry-pies, jams & jellies and they even have a petting zoo. A fun place to shop and to take the family.

If you are looking for beautiful quilts there are quite a few places to choose from. The Der Alte Quilt shop is located on State Route 62 east of Berlin, or you could go to Mt. Hope and visit the Lone Star Quilt Shop and a new one that I found is Pine Tree Fabrics in Kidron. So many styles to choose from and if you are looking to make your own, they carry all of the supplies you will need to get started.

No Christmas would be complete without doing some baking of your own. You will find all of the baking supplies that you need at any number of the bulk food stores. In New Bedford you will find Oak Bush Bulk Foods located on the same road as Hershberger’s Country Store, Township Road 220; and go north to Mt. Eaton and you will find a wonderful Amish lady named Mary that owns the Bulk Food Country Store located just off of State Route 250 between Mt. Eaton and Kidron Road. Mary also carries a large selection of Tupperware and Stanley products.

So I hope this little article has given you some new ideas for this Christmas Shopping and I hope you have a wonderful time as you travel through the Amish hillsides on your shopping adventure.  For great ideas on places to visit be sure to visit the Holmes County Convention and Visitors Bureau website at

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3 Responses to Christmas Time In Amish Country

  1. Auth says:

    I am sooo confused, I want to go to Amish cotruny in Ohio but don’t know which one, from what I have seen Berlin is beautiful and now this which one do you recommend? We want more scenery and less shopping, but shopping is good too.

    • grezlik says:

      Holmes County which is where Berlin is located is the largest community of Amish in the world. What I recommend to people that wish to visit the area is this … if you truly want to “see” Amish country you have to get off of SR 39 and start traveling the backroads through Amish Country. You will see lots of wonderful sites once you leave the State routes and go into where they actually live and farm. Along the way you will find many, many wonderful Amish shops that are run right our of their homes or shops next door to their houses.
      I hope you have a wonderful visit!

  2. Ruth says:

    Please send newsletters Thank Yiu

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