Isaac the Goat, Doc the Coon dog and an Ohio Snowstorm

Isaac and Doc have been best friends from the start. Here they are shown together at about 6 months of age.

Isaac and Doc have been best friends from the start. Here they are shown together at about 6 months of age.

Today as I sit here, my baby goat Isaac, standing at the back door trying to get into my warm house, I am watching as the snow is coming down and getting deeper and deeper.

I was supposed have a meeting today in Sugarcreek, but the weather forecaster is calling for five to six inches of snow and there are winter storm warnings out. I have decided that it will be safer to sit here in my cozy country home and just enjoy the winter wonderland.

We have been busy keeping the woodburner going and working on a few print projects for some of our clients. Even though the snow is falling outside, we are able to keep working. So far there is approximately five inches gathered on the ground and in some spots it looks to be about a foot that has gathered.

Over the weekend we filled our wood room in preparation for the upcoming cold. My husband is a self-made man and not afraid of old-fashioned hard work. He was out in the cold and snow cutting firewood from our farm and bringing it to our back porch so that we could drop it down into our wood room.

A few weekends ago when we were filling the wood room, my goat Isaac came up on the porch when we had the cover off of the wood room.  I opened the door to feed him and in his excitement he fell backwards into the hole and fell about 6 feet down on top of the wood that we had piled in there. Scared me half to death. I rushed downstairs to the basement and opened up the wood room door expecting the worse. Isaac was fine, thankfully he had no injuries and was just happy to get out of there and back outside where he belonged.

Isaac is a fun goat. He’s not quite a year old and he thinks that I’m his mother and that the coondog, Doc, is his brother. They are about the same age and have taken to each other as if they are siblings. During this cold winter Isaac has taken up residence in the dog box with Doc. When I look outside towards the box, two heads will pop out at me, Doc and Isaac. Just makes my heart chuckle every time. I told my husband that before next year we will have to build them a bigger box so they will both still fit. Isaac will grow to be a very large goat and by the time next winter rolls around he will have reached his full grown size and will probably not fit in the box with Doc.

My sister-n-law comes up each day to help with her mother’s care and when she steps up on the porch she will stop and wave at Isaac and Doc. I get such a kick out of her waving at them. My husband will take Doc out to go coon hunting and Isaac will jump right up in the back of the pick-up truck as if he is ready to go hunting too. Of course he is always disappointed when my husband has to make him get out of the truck and stay home. He cries and cries the whole time they are gone and when they come home he will rush across the yard to greet them.

So when you are visiting Ohio and you find a coon dog named Doc and a goat named Isaac hanging around at the same dog box, give them a friendly wave hello.


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