Take A Garden Tour

By Tresa Erickson

Love walking through a lovely lawn and garden, but don’t have time to make one of your own? Take a . Love your lawn and garden, and wish you could show it off? Sign up to be part of a garden tour.

Many areas around the country host garden tours, usually in the spring, summer or fall. While some tours might feature commercial gardens, others might feature residential gardens. Homeowners who spend a lot of time tending to their lawn and gardens might be invited to participate in the tour and open up their spaces to the public. Proceeds raised might go toward the support of local garden clubs, community landscaping projects and other outdoor pursuits.

For those interested in making a vacation out of garden tours, there are many properties around the country that offer garden tours on a regular basis. Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville, VA, for example, offers tours of the home as well as the lawn and gardens throughout the year. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, home to George Vanderbilt, does the same, as does the Magnolia Plantations and Gardens in Charleston, SC. There are hundreds of gardens across the country and around the world open to the public each year.

Many of the commercial properties with gardens open to the public also offer the additional option of hosting an event there. Imagine exchanging vows with your beloved or hosting a tea party for your civic club against the backdrop of a magnificent garden. How divine. Depending upon what’s available in your area, you might have many options to choose from.

If gardening is your passion, look into some tours. Whether you go on a tour or host a tour stop yourself, you’re sure to come across some interesting ideas, some of which you may be able to incorporate into your own landscape.

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