I know Zija nutrition saved my life!

Zija_Joe-Leavers_CCSGThis is my very real experience with Zija nutrition.
I’m going to try to make a long story short…

Back in Feb. 2011 I had a lung spontaneously collapse. This resulted in emergency surgeries, a week-long hospital stay, and loads of tests, drugs, and pain. I was told that I was a very healthy 31 yr old and I would heal quickly.
6 weeks later I had become dependent on my pain meds and unable to function without them.

I had painful inflammation in the lining of my lung and a continual infection that weeks of antibiotics wasn’t healing. Weekly X-rays and CT scans overloaded me with radiation and showed a remaining small collapse that surgery didn’t fix. My blood pressure was low, I became anemic, and all these antibiotics wasn’t clearing the infection. It was drastically getting worse.

Nothing was helping and this bacteria had grown to the point that I actually was bleeding inside my chest cavity. This was when my Pulmonologist suggested that I be referred to Ohio State University to have the infection surgically removed from the ribs and off my already very sensitive lung. You can imagine the depression, anxiety, and grief my husband and kids had to endure with me.

We prayed for a miracle knowing God has all the answers.

This was about the time that one of my husband’s life long friends gave me a 5 day sample of Zija’s Smart Mix. Of course we were very skeptical, but at this point we were desperate and willing to try almost anything to avoid surgery again. Brian told us this was a very unique, extremely nutrient dense all natural and organic. I’ve been a Fitness Professional for 10 years and knew the importance of eating organically for the best nutrition.

My first day on Zija I felt like I had a little more energy.
My 2nd day I felt happier and had a little more energy.
On the 3rd day I woke my husband to show him I could take in a deep breath with no pain, wheezing, or coughing. I could move my shoulder in a full range of motion and I had been able to get up out of bed without his assistance for the first time in weeks!
By my 5th day I felt just amazing! I no longer needed any pain meds to function and we hurried to order more Zija.

With God’s grace and my new-found daily nutritional supplement I continued to get better very quickly. I never had to have that 2nd surgery and went on to fully recover! My lung healed itself, blood pressure balanced, and iron levels normalized. Best of all was the pain had disappeared and I was able to return back to teaching group fitness after just 2 weeks of using Zija!

Did this nutrition save my life? I absolutely believe so!

I might not have died from my health issue, but it had completely killed my quality of life and Zija gave it back to me! This is an absolute blessing and everyone needs to know about this! Since this, my husband and I have helped hundreds of people gain the quality of health that is so desired and they deserve. I thank God on a daily basis for bringing this into our lives when we needed it most.

We would love to help you gain better health as well. Joe and I are passionate about helping you with nutrition, fitness, and over all well-being. It’s what we did before Zija, and this is what we’ll do the rest of our lives.

God Bless,
Kori Leavers
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