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Amish County

In Dutch that means “how are you?”, your response would be “Simbly goot” with a roll of your tongue.

The purpose of Amish Shop Online is to bring you easier access to Amish goods and services and information on locating Amish Shops throughout America.

To access the Amish Business Directory, hover your cursor on the “Amish Business Directory” link in the navigation bar.

A drop-down box will appear and give you a choice to visit Miller’s Quality Crafts website or visit the “Amish Shop Listings” …. click on the Amish Shop Listings and you will be taken to a page with a list of categories.

Select the category that best describes the type of business or service that you are seeking and a list of Amish Businesses in that category will come up.

We try to supply you with the names of Amish Businesses, addresses, and phone numbers when available.

If you see that we are missing a particular business send us a message and we will add them for others to be able to find!

Between New Bedford and Charm, Ohio.

Between New Bedford and Charm, Ohio.

You will also find information relating to happenings such as local farmers markets, livestock and Amish school auctions, town merchant days when all the businesses in a town join together to bring you a few days of fun and fellowship along with great bargains and old-fashioned activities.

As you browse these pages and links we ask that you let us know how you like the site and if there is other information that you would like to see posted.


It’s here!!! ……………. an Amish Service Guide that you can carry with you on your next trip! To order a free copy of this very informative Ohio Amish Guide, send a self-addressed, triple stamped envelope to:
Malachi Marketing LLC
89430 Plum Run Rd.
Uhrichsville, OH 44683



The old log homestead on the Fender's Fish Hatchery Farm. It is my understanding that this is their original Fender's home.

The old log homestead on the Fender’s Fish Hatchery Farm. It is my understanding that this is their original Fender’s home. Click on the photo to visit Fender’s Fish Hatchery’s website.



Charm-HarnessSweetwater Farm ASO

4 Responses to Amish Directory

  1. lisa says:

    Hy u hav any camo jackets?

    • grezlik says:

      There are several Amish businesses that sell Amish clothing. I would recommend starting with Charm Harness and Boot. They sell everything from shoes to hunting clothes and are very reasonably priced.
      Amish Shop Online

  2. barbara beene says:

    i am interested in buying your quilt kits.

    • grezlik says:

      So sorry to just now find your request. That is what is wrong with the world of spam … you cannot even begin to imagine just how much spam a website can get and how quickly you can become buried. I would highly recommend Lone Star Quilts in Mt. Hope, Ohio. They carry a large selection of quilt making kits. They also have a catalog that they can send you via snail mail. You will find their listing under the “Store” header and then look them up under “Sewing & Notions”.
      Hope that helps and again, so sorry it took so long to find your post.

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